Andrew Wiley

February 27, 2004

Dear Jeff,

I wanted to take a moment to pass on some compliments regarding your software, your support and your staff. As you know, we switched to Compass from another software company in June of 2003. Despite the normal changeover hiccups you experience in such a switch, we are exceedingly pleased with our choice.

We are a full service used care dealer and purchased ALL of your modules and pre-paid for a full year of support. It's been a small investment for some extraordinary results. I debated paying support by the hour, but opted for the pre-paid just in case.

Having unlimited monthly supports gives me the ability to call for help no matter how minor the problem or just to ask advice. Without having to watch the clock I can walk through setups, change accounts, and adjust reports at my pace. And while I am a firm believer that "no question is a dumb question", with unlimited support even "dumb" questions are FREE!

I want to especially compliment Verman who is always cheerful and pleasant, even when the problem is complex. You and your staff have helped me make my dealership more efficient. The manner in which you connect and fix problems without my heaving to learn a bunch of computer code or complex instructions is amazing. And over the past eight months, I have NEVER been routed to voice mail nor had my problem unresolved within one phone call.

Again, thanks for your software, your support and especially, Verman!

Andrew J. Wiley

PS: I was speaking yesterday with my banker, reviewing my financial statements. He noted they were in a different format than the previous year and asked if I had switched software. When I told him I had, he remarked that I should have looked into some software another of his dealers was using. He claimed that the dealer's software was easy to use, had great support, and was pretty inexpensive. He struggled to remember the name, then remarked "I think that software is from Compass Systems."


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